How to Prepare a Grandfather Clock for Moving

Moving a large grandfather clock requires special care and preparation before the move.

Prepare a grandfather clock carefully before moving to prevent damage.Prepare a grandfather clock carefully before moving to prevent damage.
Unless you adhere to the correct procedure, you risk permanently damaging an heirloom quality timepiece. Keep your grandfather clock in working order before and after your move with some preparation.

Place gloves on your hands and open the door to access either the weights or chains.

Wind the weights to the top, or use a length of string to tie the chains together.

Hold the pendulum to stop it from swinging. Lift the pendulum out of the clock.

Wrap the pendulum in protective bubble wrap, and tape the wrap closed.

Pull the weights out the clock and wrap them in bubble wrap.

Cover the entire exterior of the clock with bubble wrap by wrapping it around the sides and around the top and bottom. Tape the bubble wrap into place around the outside of the clock.

Tell the movers to keep the clock upright as they move it, and never to lay it on its side.

Things You Will Need

  • Grandfather clock
  • Gloves
  • String
  • Protective bubble wrap or blankets
  • Strapping or postal tape