Instructions for Anchoring Mobile Homes

Mobile homes require anchoring to prevent strong winds from damaging them.

Instructions for anchoring mobile homes vary depending upon the type of anchor you are installing. The most common type is the soil anchor. Soil anchors have augers that resemble large screws to dig the anchor into the ground. Anchors and straps are available at mobile home dealers. Consult the dealer for anchor requirements in your area.

Set the tip of the anchor on the ground just under the edge of the mobile home. Hold the anchor at a 10-degree angle with the head of the anchor pointing away from the home.

Turn the anchor clockwise while pushing the anchor into the ground. The augers on the bottom of the anchor dig the anchor into the ground. Continue turning the anchor until only 1/3 of the anchor is above the ground.

Drive an anchor stabilizer into the ground with a hammer. The stabilizer resembles an angled piece of metal with one end short than the other. Place the tip of the long end four inches away from the anchor under the mobile home with the short end pointing to the center of the home. Drive the stabilizer into the ground until the short, flat end is resting flat on top of the ground.

Rotate the anchor clockwise until the anchor head is on the ground surface. Measure the distance between the anchor head and middle of the nearest I-beam, the steel beams that make up the underside of a mobile home, with a tape measure.

Add four feet to your measurement, and cut a piece of metal strap of that length from the roll with a pair of tin snips. Insert one end of the metal strap into a strap buckle, the flat piece of metal with two slots that ties the strap to the I-beam.

Insert the end of the strap with the buckle between the mobile home sub-floor and the top of the I-beam. Wrap the end around the I-beam and insert the end into the buckle again. Position the buckle against the inside top edge of the I-beam and pull the strap tight.

Thread the opposite end of the strap into the turnbuckle on the top of the anchor head. Thread the end through one slot of the turnbuckle, and insert it through the second slot. Rotate the turnbuckle clockwise by placing the socket wrench on the nut on the side of the anchor head and turning.

Continue tightening the strap with the turnbuckle until the anchor head bends over to the top of the stabilizer. Repeat this process for all of the anchors.

Things You Will Need

  • Soil anchors
  • Roll of anchor strap with buckles
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Tin snips
  • Socket wrench (1/2-inch drive)


  • To reduce possibility of injury, wear heavy leather work gloves to protect your hands when anchoring your mobile home.

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