How to Install a Snap Lock Standing Seam

Durable metal roofing outlasts other roofing materials-- and a standing seam metal roof towers above the rest.

Fasteners are not visible with a snap lock standing seam roof.Fasteners are not visible with a snap lock standing seam roof.
The raised ribs of a standing seam metal roof add architectural details to your home and the design of snap-lock panels keeps fasteners below the roof, offering a clean look at each connection. To ensure the installed metal roof remains watertight and the panels withstand forceful wind, each snap-lock seam must be seated correctly. Seating the seam without damaging the roof panel or kinking the female side of the seam takes patience and practice.

Measure one metal panel width over from one edge of the roof with a tape measure. Place a pencil mark on the roofing membrane with a pencil. Move up or down the roof and place a second mark on the roofing membrane.

Align the line from a chalk box with the two marks. Snap a chalk line to mark the edge of the first metal roof panel.

Place a pencil mark perpendicular to the chalk line, six inches up from the bottom edge of the roof with a pencil. Place one mark every 16 inches until you reach the ridge of the roof.

Set a metal roof panel on the roof with the male side of the panel aligned with the chalk line. The male side refers to the side of the panel with the grooved flange.

Align the front edge of a mounting clip with the chalk line. Keep the center of the mounting clip aligned with a pencil mark. Run a 1 1/4-inch pan-head screw through each hole in the mounting clip flange with a screw gun and a No. 2 Phillips adapter tip. Install one mounting clip at each pencil mark.

Open the end of the silicone caulk tube with the handle cutter of the drop-in caulk gun. Set the open caulk tube in the drop-in caulk gun.

Set the tip of the caulk tube into the female side of a metal roof panel. Squeeze the caulk gun handle as you pull the caulk gun along the joint to deposit caulk into the receiving section of the connection.

Place the caulked female side of the roofing panel over the secured male side of the installed metal roof panel. Slide the second metal panel to align the bottom edges of the two panels. Press on the female side of the second panel until you hear a click.

Tap lightly on the female side of the second metal panel with a rubber mallet to set the snap-lock standing seam. Move up the panel hitting the seam with the rubber mallet until you reach the top of the roof ridge.

Continue securing the male side of each metal panel with mounting clips and installing the metal panels until your roof is covered.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Chalk box
  • Mounting Clips
  • 1 1/4-inch pan-head screws
  • Screw gun with No. 2 Phillips adapter tip
  • Silicone caulk
  • Drop-in caulk gun
  • Rubber mallet


  • Use the proper safety equipment, including harnesses, when working on a roof.


  • Never install metal roofing during rainy or windy conditions.