How to Repair Fireplace Tile

Fireplaces add character and a warm element to your home. If the fireplace facing made of tiles and cement begins to look kind of shabby, it will alter the appearance of the fireplace and the entire room. You can repair the tiles yourself as long as you have all the materials you need, as well as a good amount of time.

Keep your tile fireplace looking good by fixing it yourself.
  1. Clean the broken tiles with a solution of water and mild soap. Mix the two in the bucket until sudsy, and use the soft sponge to gently wash the tiles. Dry completely with a soft cloth.

  2. Fill any small cracks with epoxy glue. Use the toothpick and a paintbrush to fill in the fine cracks. Allow about 20 minutes for the glue to set.

  3. Combine the filler that will be used to fill in chipped areas of the tiles. Mix a tablespoon of talcum powder with a tablespoon of epoxy resin in the bowl. Stir with the spoon until well-combined.

  4. Fill in the chipped areas with the new talcum filler, using another clean paintbrush. Allow one hour to dry.

  5. Paint the repaired areas with enamel paint that best matches the color of the tiles. Allow 24 hours for the enamel to dry.

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