How to Set a Victor Rat Trap

Even if the thought of killing an animal upsets you, sometimes the only way to control pests is to control their numbers. Rats carry disease and can cause damage to your belongings. The Victor Rat Trap is an effective way to eliminate rats if you think there are only a few invading your home. Set properly, the trap should kill the rat quickly and is a more humane method than poison or sticky mat traps.

Cute, but still a troublemaker
  1. Open the packaging the trap came in. Remove the piece of metal holding the latch that will hold the snapping bar (called the "bow") of the trap when it is set.

  2. Find the bait pedal. This is a piece of metal in the center of the trap. Place a tiny amount of bait inside the curled portion of the bait pedal.

  3. Pull back the snapping bar, or bow. Use your thumb to hold the bar while you lift the latch over. The end of the latch is curved. This curved end fits under a V-shaped groove in the bait pedal.

  4. Put on gloves to remove the carcass of the rat. Then place the body in a plastic bag and dispose of properly.


  • Watch you fingers while setting the trap. The bow is made to snap sharply enough to break bones. You don't want these to be the bones of your fingers.
  • Keep pets away from the set trap.

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