How to Deep Clean Soiled Leather

Leather is material made from the hide of a cow and is used for both decorative and practical applications. Leather is found in furniture, cars, shoes and accessories such as purses, so it is likely that you may find yourself with a soiled piece of leather in need of a deep clean. You don’t need any special machinery to get your leather clean and looking new--in fact, you can do it yourself without breaking a sweat.

Leather requires regular maintenance.

Step 1

Clean the entire surface of the leather with a lightly dampened cloth. This will remove any of the minor surface dirt.

Step 2

Apply leather shampoo to a soft, non-abrasive sponge and get the sponge a little wet.

Step 3

Work the shampoo into the leather using small, circular motions. Move around the leather and make sure you clean the entire surface.

Step 4

Wipe the leather down with a damp towel to remove the soap and any water left behind.

Step 5

Pour a little more water onto the leather if any soap or dirt got left behind. Wipe the water away quickly with the towel.

Step 6

Let the leather item dry completely before using it.