How to Stain Patio Bricks

If you want to renew the look of brick outside but don't have the budget to replace them, staining patio bricks is simple with a few materials from the hardware store. After years of sun and weather beating down on the bricks, they become dull looking. With a stain, renew the look of the entire patio in a matter of hours. Enhanced brick improves the landscaping and even looks new for half the cost.

Stain brick for a renewed appearance.
  1. Prepare the patio bricks for staining with an etching solution, found at the hardware store. If your bricks already have texture, you won't need to etch them. Apply the etching solution to the bricks, and allow it to sit as directed.

  2. Wash the bricks thoroughly with a power washer. The high-pressure washer will remove any debris or dirt that is on the bricks. Allow the bricks to dry for at least 24 hours prior to staining.

  3. Fill a pump sprayer with the desired brick stain. Adjust the spray nozzle so it covers a wide area of the patio. Pump the handle into the sprayer and sweep the stain across the entire length of the patio, pumping as needed for more stain spray. Allow the entire patio to dry before adding a second coat if you want a darker coat.

  4. Allow the patio to dry for 24 hours after your final coat of stain before you walk on it. Allow an additional 48 to 72 hours before adding patio furniture back to the designated area.