Can Brick Pavers Be Stained Another Color?

Robert Howard

Brick pavers have become a popular building material for backyard landscaping. There are a variety of products on the market that can be used to add color to faded brick pavers; or to change the color of the pavers.

Stain can be applied to brick pavers to enhance or change their color.

How the Products Work

Stains for brick pavers absorb into the surface of the brick pavers. The stain contains a solvent, a bonding agent and pigments. The solvent helps the product penetrate, the bonding agent bonds with the paver surface and the pigments color the paver.

Surface Preparation

Pavers need to be clean and dry prior to applying stain. The stain works by penetrating into the surface of the brick paver. Any surface contamination, or moisture within the paver, will prevent the stain from properly penetrating and bonding.


Stains for brick pavers can be applied by using a paint brush, roller or sprayer. A brush or roller will afford greater control; but for larger jobs a pump-style garden sprayer can save loads of time.