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How to Remove a Broken PVC Fitting From a Threaded Pipe

Steve Sloane

Most pipe in the home that is threaded at the ends is either steel pipe that connects water heaters to copper water supply pipes, or black-coated gas supply pipe. Some of the fittings attached to the threaded end are made of plastic, though most are metal. PVC plastic fittings, if broken, are simply and easily removed, even if the pipe itself is also made of plastic. The job also requires little time and only a few tools.

Pipe wrenches can be used to remove threaded fixtures.
  1. Turn off the gas, if removing the fitting from a gas pipe. If the pipe has electrical cable in the middle that supplies the fixture, turn off the power to the fixture.

  2. Hold the pipe next to the fitting with one hand. Turn the fitting counterclockwise with the other hand, until the fixture is removed.

  3. Place a wrench around the fitting if it won't budge, and a second wrench around the pipe, close to the fixture. While holding the wrench handle securing the pipe, turn the other wrench counterclockwise. When the fixture loosens, take off the wrenches and remove the fixture by hand. If it is attached to electrical wires, unscrew them or sever them with pliers.