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How to Seine a Farm Pond

Elizabeth Knoll

Young fish are stocked in farm ponds. They are fed and nurtured until they grow into adults. These fish are then extracted from the pond and either sold to other people for stocking in their private ponds or eaten as food. Rather than using a fishing pole to extract the fish out of the farm pond, seine nets are used to corral the fish in a section of the pond where they can be netted out easily. The seine net should be 1 1/2 times larger than the pond width to aid in corralling the fish.

Harvest fish from ponds using seine nets.
  1. Stretch the seine net out across the width of the pond at one of the pond's edges.

  2. Allow the weighted "mud line" or bottom rope to sink to the bottom of the pond. The top rope should float on top of the surface of the pond. If it does not, there are not enough floats on the rope.

  3. Man one side of the net while another person mans the other side. Walk along the shore of your side of the pond while the other person walks along theirs while dragging the seine net with you. As you both walk along the shore, the net will begin moving down the length of the pond.

  4. Continue walking along the shore until you reach the other end of the pond while your partner does the same. Grab the net at the bottom and slowly work the mud line up on to the shore. Do this by starting at one end of the net and pulling at the bottom of the net until the mud line is up on the shore. You are corralling the fish entirely in the net.

  5. Work the area of the net into a smaller shape by gradually pulling more and more of the net out of the water until the fish are corralled in a small space. Net them out into their holding container.