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How to Remove Weeds From Ponds With a Rake Pulled by a Tractor

Jack Burton

Weed control is a never-ending battle in some ponds and lakes. When the conditions are right for growth, algae creates long, filamentous weed strands that choke out other plants and harm the fish. Cattails and lily pads are other weeds that often need removal. Special rakes are used for removing the weeds from the lake surface in smaller ponds. Because some weeds have tough stems that are hard to break, a tractor pulling on the rake gives the cutting and tearing ability to remove them.

A pond rake can be pulled behind a boat.

Step 1

Attach the supplied float to the rake ensuring it stays on top of the water.

Step 2

Wrap and tie one end of the rope to the rake handle and the other end to the back of the tractor.

Step 3

Position the rake on one side of the shore with the tractor directly across the pond, and the rope crossing the middle of the largest weed infestation.

Step 4

Run the tractor forward, pulling the rake behind it and clearing the weeds from the lake and up to the shore.

Step 5

Continue to position the rake in various places along the pond edge with the weeds between it and the tractor. Each time the tractor runs forward more weeds will be raked from the surface of the pond.