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How to Store Your Flat Iron

Meg Butler

A quality flat iron can be an expensive piece of equipment. To prolong the life of your investment, you must take care of it. Read your flat iron's instruction manual thoroughly, and use it according to the manufacturer's guidelines. When you are finished using your flat iron, you must store it properly. Otherwise, buildup can accumulate and prevent the flat iron from functioning optimally.

  1. Wait for your flat iron to cool. A flat iron should never be put away hot. Not only will it damage its container, but residue from the burn may stick to the iron. Once you are finished with the flat iron, leave it out (ideally on a heat-proof mat or flat-iron holder) until it returns to room temperature.

  2. Clean your flat iron before storing it. Each time you use your flat iron, oil and product from your hair is transferred to the flat iron's plates. If this residue is not cleaned regularly, it will interfere with the function of the flat iron, and damage your hair. To clean your flat iron, spray its surface with a flat iron cleaner (or any cleaner manufactured for use on heat styling tools). Then wipe the iron with a soft cloth.

  3. Bundle or coil the flat iron's cord loosely. Never wrap it around the flat iron. This damages the cord.

  4. Place the flat iron in a container or cloth bag to keep it protected from dust and debris.