How to Remove Burn Marks From a Table

Sarah Coennen

It's time for your big family dinner. You've made everyone's favorite casserole: You set the hot dish on your wooden table and enjoy your meal, leaving behind a nasty heat ring. Or maybe your loved ones have been clumsy and dropped burning objects such as candles, cigarettes or matches onto the table.

Burn marks on your table can be removed without much fuss.

No matter how the burn appeared on your table, it will come off.


With each method, it is advised that you first perform a spot test. Different types of wood will react differently, as well as the different finishes on the wood.


Do not leave the iron on the table too long, as it may increase the heat marks.

Removing Heat Rings

  1. Wipe off the table, so that there is no debris in the way. Plug in your iron and fill it up with water. Turn the dial to the steam function.

  2. Place the thin, clean cloth over the burn marks.

  3. Iron over the burn marks with the iron on the steam setting quickly but carefully. Remove the iron and cloth.

Cigarette or Fire Burns

  1. Wipe off the table to remove dirt and debris.

  2. Dip the steel wool into the lemon oil. If you do not have lemon oil, and non-drying oil can be used as a substitute, this includes vegetable and mineral oil.

  3. Scrub the burn marks gently until they are removed.

  4. Wipe the table clean of excess oil.