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My Maytag Washer Won't Agitate or Spin

Mary McNally

Maytag has made many washers in conjunction with Whirlpool. These washers can be large capacity, top loading or front loading, but all will need troubleshooting if they do not spin clothes or agitate them properly. Spinning and agitating troubles are mostly caused by the same set of issues. Some of these problems may be fixed easily, while others may call for parts replacement and a professional repair service.

Sometimes a washer won't agitate or spin.
  1. Check that the Maytag washer is plugged in and that you are not using an extension cord. Ensure that the circuit breaker that controls power to your washer has not been tripped. Reset it if it has been tripped. Replace any blown fuses.

  2. Examine the lid switch near the door frame by lifting the lid; it may be defective. This switch controls whether the washer spins and agitates. If the switch is defective, it will have to be replaced. The motor coupler which links the motor to the transmission may also be defective or worn out and may need to be replaced.

  3. Check the belts and clutch by opening the washer back. The belts or clutch may be worn. Washer belts are specific to each model, so you will have to buy the belts from a Maytag dealer. A worn clutch indicates a call to a professional Maytag repair person to replace the clutch.

  4. Check the drive motor and transmission by opening up the back of the washer. The motor spins one way to spin the washer drum and the other way to agitate the clothes. It can burn out in one direction but still work in the other direction. The transmission can also burn out or shift poorly.

  5. Look into the back of the machine to check the spin bearing and basket drive for worn parts. These parts allow the inner tub to spin freely within the outer tub. Loud noises during the spin cycle indicate that the spin bearing or basket drive may be seized up or worn. Pull the agitator off of its shaft and look for a stripped spline. The transmission which normally moves the agitator will still move, but the agitator will remain stationary. All of these problems need a qualified Maytag repair person to resolve them.