How to Store a Cargo Box

Cargo boxes are large bins designed to be mounted on vehicles to give you additional storage for items such as luggage, skis, snowboards and other supplies.
They can be made out of a variety of materials, though hardened plastic is common. Many cargo boxes have locking mechanisms so items can still be secure when you leave the vehicle. While cargo boxes are helpful under certain circumstances, they take up space when they are not in use. Store a cargo box with just a bit of planning. .

Step 1

Look for space under any beds in your home. Many cargo boxes have a sleek and thin design to minimize wind resistance while on the roof of a car. As a result, many will fit under the bed in spaces you may not be using for anything else.

Step 2

Check your other storage areas in the home to see if items already stored there will fit inside the cargo box. You can then fill the cargo box and place the box in the space you just freed up.

Step 3

Install a storage rack or hanger in your garage. The racks are usually made of a metal frame and are installed in the roof of your garage to function as a storage loft. The installation instructions will vary depending on your garage and the type of rack you use. Cargo-box manufacturers, including Thule and Yakima, also sell hangers and elevated racks specifically for their products. In 2010, the prices for these pieces ranged from $25 to $130.

Things You Will Need

  • Storage rack

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