How to Repair a Blanco Dishwasher

David Clair

Blanco dishwashers come in a wide range of models. Each model can have different features, settings, functions and washing modes. Many of the features and functions of Blanco dishwashers are found on each model. If problems arise that require repair of the dishwasher, identify the cause of the problem first. After the problem has been properly identified, perform troubleshooting steps to attempt to resolve the issue. Many common issues related to Blanco dishwashers can be repaired by the user.


Make sure the water source is turned on if the dishwasher is not filling with water.
  1. Make sure the door is completely closed if the machine will not start. Close the door tightly.

  2. Inspect the water source to make sure it is turned on if the machine does not fill with water. Turn the water on fully.

  3. Check the water inlet hose for kinks if the machine is not receiving water. Straighten out any kinks.

  4. Inspect the water drain hose for kinks or obstructions if the machine does not drain. Straighten the hose. Remove any debris from the hose.

  5. Make sure the spray arms can move freely inside the dishwasher. If the spray arms knock against dishes, it will cause a rattling noise and the dishes will not get clean.

  6. Check the dishwasher to make sure it is level if the door is hard to close. An unlevel machine will prevent the dishwasher door from properly latching.

  7. Reduce the amount of dishes in the unit if dishes are not getting clean. Make sure there is enough room for water to access each dish.

  8. Adjust the settings to a stronger wash cycle if dishes are not getting clean enough.