How to Cut a Shower Surround

Shower surrounds are acrylic panels that line the walls around your tub or shower stall.

They protect the walls from water damage. A new shower surround will bring new life to your bathroom. Add new faucet hardware, along with the shower surround, for an almost brand new look. Since manufacturers cannot feasibly make a shower surround for each configuration of plumbing hardware, you must cut the surround to accommodate your plumbing items. Once the hole is cut, it is permanent, so plan each cut carefully.

Measure the locations of your penetrations for your shower surround. Measure from the edge of the wall to the center of each penetration. Measure from the top of the tub or shower basin to the center of each penetration. The penetrations might include: shower head spout, tub spout and faucet handles.

Lay your shower surround on the ground. Transfer each of the measurements onto the shower surround. Each penetration will have two measurements, one from the edge of the wall and one from the top of the tub or shower basin. When these measurements are transferred, you will end up with a "crosshairs" at each penetration, which marks the center of each penetration.

Check the measurements one last time. Once the surround is cut, the hole will be permanent.

Cut out each hole with the appropriate size hole saw. The size used for each penetration should be the smallest size that will allow the pipe or hardware to be connected.

Position the shower surround into place and verify that the holes you cut match up with the plumbing.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Hole saws
  • Drill


  • The trim rings associated with the plumbing hardware will not cover a hole that is too large, so better to go small and then cut the hole larger if necessary. Once the hole is cut in the shower surround, there is no way to undo it other than buying a new shower surround.