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Tobi Steam Iron Troubleshooting

Meredith Jameson

The Tobi steam iron is a portable steam iron that can be used to remove wrinkles on fabrics of all types, including silk and linen. The iron does not use any cleaners or chemicals and one full water tank will produce up to half an hour of steam. Once plugged in, the Tobi steam iron should be ready for use in 30 seconds. Basic care and maintenance should keep the steam iron working well for a long time, but if problems occur, perform troubleshooting steps to identify and potentially resolve the issue.

Steam can reduce or remove wrinkles from fabrics and surfaces
  1. Make sure the Tobi steamer is fully plugged into a working power outlet if the steam iron does not work. Wait at least 30 seconds for the iron to heat up before use.

  2. Avoid using the Tobi steamer in a horizontal position if the steam iron does not seem to be working well. The steam iron functions best when held in a vertical position.

  3. Empty the water tank and refill with clean water if the steam has a bad odor, which may be caused by leaving water in the tank between uses. Empty the water tank after every use.

  4. Remove mineral deposits from the Tobi steam iron if the unit does not produce steam or produces less steam than usual. Turn the iron off, unplug from the power supply and take the hose, pole and water tank off of the main device. Mix together 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar and pour the solution into the water tank. Close the cap on the tank and replace the tank back on the main unit. Allow it to sit for 45 minutes and then empty the solution out of the water tank. Pour clean water into the main unit and drain. Repeat until no vinegar odor is evident.