How to Build a Window Perch for a Cat

Many cats enjoy basking in the warmth of the sun's rays shining through a window. Ordinary windowsills are too narrow for a cat to sit on comfortably. Installing a window perch provides a remedy for this problem. These cozy seating areas are especially nice for an indoor cat as it gives them a spot from which to watch the world. Creating this perch is a fairly simple task for those with basic carpentry skills.

A window perch gives your cat its own spot to watch the world.
  1. Cut a piece of wood to the length of the perch. You may want it to run the entire length of the window if you have more than one cat, or you can make it smaller. Be sure to use wood that is at least 2 feet wide so the cat can sit comfortably on the perch. Plywood, particle board or solid stock all make good chouces.

  2. Mount a pair of shelving brackets under the windowsill. Shelving brackets come in a wide range of choices and installation may be different for each one. Follow the specific instructions that come with the type you purchase.

  3. Place the piece of cut wood on top of the installed shelving brackets.

  4. Place soft pillows or a cat bed on top of the wood. You may want to attach them with glue or double-sided tape to prevent them from falling off.

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