How do I Remove a Taymor Lockset?

Carl Pruit

Removing a Taymor lockset takes just a few minutes. A lockset is a complete locking system and includes a mechanism that locks the door knobs into place on the shank. Taymor is a well-known designer of both commercial and residential door locksets. Occasionally, you may need to remove the lockset in order to do remodeling or to upgrade the hardware.

  1. Locate the lock release button on the inside door knob along the shank and depress the button with a small screwdriver.

  2. Remove the door knob by hand. Unscrew the mounting plate from the door knob assembly with a screwdriver.

  3. Unscrew the door jamb plate from the side of the door with a screwdriver.

  4. Slide the door latch and the Taymor lockset door knob assembly out of the door.