How to Clean Out a 30-Year-Old Septic Tank

Cleaning your septic tank is a vital maintenance procedure that is often overlooked.
The septic tank is a key compenent to the entire septic system.The septic tank is a key compenent to the entire septic system.
Taking the time to clean your septic tank adds long life to your field drain or cesspool. A little knowledge goes a long way in making the cleaning process simple and effective.

Step 1

Locate the septic tank lid. Original blue prints are helpful in finding the septic tank.

Step 2

Uncover the dirt from the septic tank lid and from the front and rear baffles. The baffles are usually located about 2 feet behind and in front of the main access lid.

Step 3

Remove the main access lid and the baffle access covers.

Step 4

Remove sludge from around the inlet and outlet pipes located within the front and rear baffles.

Step 5

Have a professional pump out the entire tank.

Step 6

Replace baffle covers and main access lid. Ensure that the lids are firmly in place without any gaps.

Step 7

Fill in dirt over the septic tank. Pack dirt down as you fill the holes in.

Step 8

Mark the septic lid and baffle locations for future use.

Things You Will Need

  • Shovel
  • Gloves

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