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How to Glaze Metal Frame Windows

James Essence

Though today's windows no longer require glazing to help keep them stable and in place, many older windows in older homes use glazing compound to secure the glass. Though there are slight differences with the two types (like the metal slips used as glazing points) the process is quite the same. You will want to replace the glazing in your windows to ensure their safety and beauty and to help winterize your home. Reglazing is a simple process that will take some time to complete.

Glazing metal window frames adds new character to your home windows.
  1. Remove any broken, brittle or dried parts of the old glazing. Use a glazing tool to remove the remaining glazing compound. You may want to use a heat gun to ease this process.

  2. Fix glazing compound into the crevasses where compound previously was in place. Apply the compound firmly against the window frame and slightly onto the low region of the glass for additional stability and to secure the glass. Use your scraper to smooth the glazing compound and spread it evenly across the frame joints.

  3. Apply the glazing compound to the other side of the window the same way. Make sure you apply the glazing compound evenly and that it is is equal in height to the opposing side going up the glass.

  4. Let the glazing compound seal for two to three days before priming and painting the window. After the paint also dries two to three days, you can resume regular use of the window.