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How to Get Seal Coating Out of Carpet

Catelyn Millette

A carpet stain caused by seal coat will be difficult to remove. Seal coat is a weather-protective, gas and oil resistant coating for pavement. When laid down, it fills cracks in the pavement, binding as it dries. It's not meant for easy removal from surfaces. However, despite the challenges it presents, there are some things you can try.

  1. Shampoo your carpet or call a professional carpet cleaning company. It's possible that a newer stain will come out this way.

  2. Rub an industrial cleaner on the stain. A couple of brands of biodegradable, USDA-approved degreasing chemical cleaners exist. They're made to remove sealer and other similarly difficult to clean products from floors, equipment and other surfaces. While carpets are not the main target for such products, they will work on carpets and won't leave stains behind. Read the product's instructions thoroughly, as some are extra-strength and you may want to dilute the product with water. When you've finished scrubbing the stain, rinse the floor again with mild soap and warm water.

  3. Rub the stain with kerosene. Do this only if it's a smaller stain and spot-test a corner of your carpet to make sure you can get the kerosene out, otherwise you'll end up with a stain of a different sort. To remove the kerosene after you've washed the spot, use soapy water or re-shampoo the carpet. This should be considered a last resort because of the harshness of the chemical.

  4. Remove the portion of carpet stained with seal coat if all else fails. Replace it with a patch that matches the rest of your carpet.