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How to Install a Table Leg Brace

John Walker

Table legs can become wobbly over time. Several furniture manufacturers construct contemporary tables with the legs braced against mounting boards running along the skirt of the table. Other designs have the legs attached to the table with no visible support. Adding a corner brace, an L-shaped or V-shaped strip of metal, to the table to strengthen the table legs is easy.

  1. Turn the table upside down so that you can access the underside of the table easily. You will be mounting a brace to the leg and top of the table.

  2. Press the corner brace against the leg and table. Corner braces are L- or V-shaped strips of metal with holes for screws. Position the brace so that it is not visible from the outside of the table, but contacts both the leg and the underside of the table. If the table has a skirt, a board that extends down from the table top, you can position the brace against the skirt and the leg.

  3. Mark the locations for the screw holes with the pencil. You will have two to three holes per side of the brace.

  4. Drill pilot holes for the screws using a 1/8" drill bit. Be cautious to not drill too far. You do not want to drill through the table top or the skirt. Make a guide by wrapping a piece of tape around the drill bit leaving 1 inch or less exposed, depending on the thickness of the table top or skirt, and drill until you reach the tape. Use smaller screws and a smaller pilot hole if necessary.

  5. Position the brace over the holes and attach wood screws to the skirt or table top. Screw them into place carefully using a screwdriver.