How to Install Folding Metal Legs

Thomas West

Having a folding table on hand may be very useful for family get-togethers, holiday meals, outdoor barbecues, wedding parties and other functions. When the party is over, the metal legs are folded up, enabling the table to be stored more unobtrusively. Instead of purchasing a complete table, folding metal legs can be purchased that can be used to make a folding table out of one you have on hand.

  1. Turn over the table top material -- such as plywood, medium-density fiber board or other product -- so that the side you plan on using as the top of the table is facing down. Place a moving pad or blanket under the table top to protect the finish, if desired.

  2. Position the folding table legs near the end of one side of the table top with the folding mechanism facing inward. Ensure the bottoms of the legs are facing up. Make a pencil mark through each mounting hole in the table leg brackets onto the underside of the table top surface. Remove the legs from the table top temporarily.

  3. Drill a pilot hole for the table leg mounting screws through each pencil mark with a 1/8-inch drill bit and a power drill. Drill the hole to a depth no more than one-third the thickness of the table top material.

  4. Position the table legs back onto the table top and line up the mounting holes. Secure the table legs to the top with wood screws that are at least ¼ inch less in length than the thickness of the table top material. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

  5. Unfold the locking arms of the table legs and ensure they are locked in position. Make pilot holes into the table top using the mounting holes in the locking arms as a template. Secure the locking arms to the table top with wood screws in the same fashion as the table legs.

  6. Repeat the procedure to install the folding table legs on the opposite side of the table top. Ensure the locking arms on the folding legs are in the locked position and turn the table upright to use it. Slide the locking mechanisms on the lock arms and fold the table legs downward to store the table.