How to Install a Maytag Dryer Drive Belt

A dryer uses a tumbler to move the clothes around the machine. This allows hot air to penetrate the clothes fully, reducing the drying time needed. Maytag dryers use either a direct drive motor, or a motor that uses a belt. The belt on a Maytag dryer wraps around the tumbler. The belt turns the drum as the drive wheel connected to the motor turns. A timer on the machine tells the motor when to turn off. If the belt is broken, you will hear a sound from the motor, but the tumbler will not turn. Inspect your Maytag manual to check whether your unit is belt driven, or direct drive driven.

A broken dryer belt will result in a machine that does not properly dry your clothes.
  1. Unplug the dryer from the wall to prevent shocks.

  2. Remove the lint trap from the machine.

  3. Remove the top panel of the machine by removing the screws that hold the lint trap door in place. Slide your screwdriver under the top panel and use it as a wedge to pop the dryer open.

  4. Remove the back panel of the machine by removing the screws and allowing it to lean back.

  5. Inspect the middle of the drum at the tip of the machine. Pull on the drum belt. If it comes loose, it needs replaced.

  6. Remove the belt from the top of the tumbler. Reach your hand back to the bottom left of the machine and pull back the idler pulley to release the rest of the belt.

  7. Fit the new belt around the tumbler, aligning the groove on the tumbler with the pointed end of the belt.

  8. Reach back to loop the belt over the motor pulley. Bring the belt back under the motor pulley.

  9. Position the belt over the top of the idler pulley, keeping it between the belt guides, then loop the belt back under the pulley.

  10. Turn the tumbler a few times to make sure it is in place, then plug the machine in and test.