How to Install Foamular 1/2 150 Rigid Foam Insulation

Rigid foam board insulation comes in 4- by 8-foot sheets with varying thicknesses. No matter what thickness, installing this insulation is completed in the same manner. It can be used in many different applications including walls both above and below ground. Among the many benefits of rigid foam board insulation is controlling moisture and mold growth. There is no special equipment necessary for installation of 1/2 inch rigid foam board and it can be completed in just a few steps.

Install Foamular 1/2 150 Rigid Foam Insulation
  1. Measure out 2 feet from the first corner of the wall and line up the 1x3 there. Drill into the concrete block wall through the furring strip with concrete screws. Insert a screw every foot throughout the 1x3 to secure it to the wall. Measure 2 more feet and line up another furring strip. Install it in the same manner. Continue around the entire area of the room until all of the furring strips have been installed.

  2. Cut the insulation in half at 24 inches to fit in between the furring strips. Lay down a T-square at the desired spot where the cut is going to be made. Score the insulation with a utility knife running along the T-square. Snap it to break it in two. Repeat this process for all of the pieces of insulation that need to be cut.

  3. Spread construction adhesive onto the back of the first piece of insulation. Spread it out, covering the entire board. Do the same for the concrete wall it will be installed on. Press the insulation board against the wall and push down on the board so it can adhere to the wall. Repeat the process for each piece of insulation around the rest of the room.

  4. Install a vapor barrier over the insulation. Staple plastic sheeting to the furring strips. Roll out the plastic and place a staple every 6 inches up each furring strip so the plastic is secure to the strips.

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