How to Make Your Own Folding Cutting Table

Sewers know how important having a convenient work area that is functional can make or break the enjoyment of your project. If your current table is not large enough for a cutting table, make your own folding cutting table. The preferred size for accommodating most fabric pieces is a flat space that is 36 inches by 72 inches. Greate the large area you need for your project and easily fold it away until it is needed again.

Set up a convenient sewing area with a table specifically for cutting.
  1. Clear a space in your room that will accommodate a cutting table 36 inches by 72 inches.
  2. Center a table or dresser in the space for the base of your cutting table.
  3. Use thick tape to attach the cardboard.
  4. Attach two equal sized pieces of 1/4-inch cardboard together by running heavy, flexible, tape along the front and back sides of the seam where the two pieces come together.
  5. Use a ruler to mark the cutting table.
  6. Mark the cutting table with a fine tip marker every 1/4 inch for a quick measuring guide.
  7. Place the boards on the table or dresser.
  8. Use bricks to adjust table height.
  9. Adjust the height to 36 inches by raising the cutting board with bricks.
  10. Fold the boards together for easy storage.

Things You Will Need

  • 1/4-inch cardboard
  • Heavy tape
  • Ruler
  • Fine tip marker
  • Bricks


  • Make the cutting table area accessible from at least two sides, preferably three sides, for ease of movement.


  • Be sure that your 1/4-inch measurements are 100 percent accurate so that you can rely on them instead of having to pull out a sewing tape measure each time you make a cut.

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