How to Use a Blue Magic Super Pump

Tom Becker

Waterbeds provide a unique sleeping experience due to their special water bladder design, but this special design can also require special maintenance. One of the more common waterbed problems is excess air in the mattress, which can cause the mattress to make annoying sounds during use. Air extractors are specifically designed to remove excess air from waterbeds and help control this sound issue. Blue Magic manufactures a "Super Pump" air extractor, which can be used to extract excess air from a waterbed in a few steps.

  1. Disconnect the water bed from any power outlets.

  2. Remove any bedding and expose the fill valve of the waterbed.

  3. Lay clean bath towels around the fill valve to absorb any water overflow during air extraction.

  4. Unscrew and remove the waterbed valve cap.

  5. Screw the Blue Magic Super Pump air extractor to the waterbed valve.

  6. Grip the handle of the pump and slide it out and away then back towards the waterbed valve. This pumping motion will begin to extract the excess air from the waterbed. Stop pumping when the pump begins to extract water.

  7. Unscrew the pump from the waterbed valve.

  8. Ensure that the water level is approximately even with the surface of the waterbed valve and screw the waterbed valve cap back in place.

  9. Remove the bath towels, replace the bedding and reconnect the waterbed to a power outlet.