How to Calculate an Archway

A curved archway adds an interesting architectural element to a home or office.

You can calculate an archway's focus point position using an arch calculator.
Rather than a plain rectangular entrance way, building an archway to separate a room or frame a door or window adds a new appeal to the space. Knowing an archway's dimensions is also necessary if you want to ensure it can accommodate a large piece of furniture, for example. Using a simple online arch calculator, you can calculate the distance between the focus points and the arch's center. This distance is calculated based on the arch's height and width. .

Go to the website of MyCarpentry.com. Click on the tab "Carpentry Calculators" located towards the top right hand corner of the web page. This will take you to three calculators where you can click on the "Arch Calculator" to make the necessary calculations.

Measure the height of the archway from the bottom to the highest point in the center with a tape measure. Enter the figure in inches in the "Arch Height" field on the "Arch Calculator".

Measure the distance across the widest part of the archway to determine the width. Enter the figure in inches in the "Arch Width" field on the Calculator website.

Click "Calculate." The focus point distance is automatically calculated in inches.

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