How to Move an Electrical Outlet Box

An electrical outlet box is a plastic or metal box that houses the electrical outlets inside a room. It is necessary to move these outlet boxes in certain circumstances, such as when installing tile or cabinets that would block the original outlet. Moving the box is a simple process, but it is important to take all safety precautions to prevent electric shock and other injuries. New electrical outlet boxes are known as remodel boxes, and they come in metal or plastic. You can find these boxes at hardware and home supply stores.

Moving an outlet is an easy construction project.
  1. Draw the outline for the outlet box on the wall with a pencil. Draw the box away from wall studs. Cut out the hole for the outlet box with a drywall saw.

  2. Disconnect the power from the room from the circuit breaker. Unscrew the electrical outlet box from the wall and disconnect the wires. Use a screwdriver and pry bar to remove the outlet box from inside the wall.

  3. Move the wires from the original outlet box to the new outlet hole. Hang the wires outside the box so that they do not fall behind the wall.

  4. Feed the wires through the outlet box. Screw the box inside the new hole with drywall screws.

  5. Connect the electrical outlet to the wires coming out of the outlet box. Connect the white ground wire to the grounding section on the outlet and the black wire to the other wire in the electrical outlet. Use plastic wire covers to connect the wires.

  6. Screw the outlet cover over the electrical box. Turn the electricity on back inside the room. Test the electrical current inside the new box with a volt meter. If the plug does not work, disconnect the electricity and reconnect the wires.


  • Never work with electrical wires while the electricity is running. This can cause serious injury and electrical shock.

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