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How to Move a Heat Pump

Devin Backman

Heat pumps are machines that circulate heat from one place to another. Air conditioning units and refrigerators are just a few of the many machines that use heat pumps. Air conditioning unit heat pump is located on the outside of the house, and is very difficult to move. Skills in metal brazing, electrical wiring and refrigerant relocation are required for this job. Heavy lifting of equipment is necessary in order to relocate the unit. It is recommended you seek the help of a professional before attempting to move the heat pump.

Heat pumps allow air conditioners to warm up

Step 1

Measure the distance between the location you wish to move your heat pump to and the current location of your heat pump. Based on that number you will have to purchase the length of refrigerate line and electrical wire. Disconnect both the higher voltage and voltage electrical system located on outside of your unit.

Step 2

Pump the refrigerant out from the lines completely and let sit for at least an hour before you work on them. Starting at the new location, begin to rewire the electric line following down to the current heat pump unit location. Both the low and high voltage electric wiring need to be replaced.

Step 3

Cut the current pipe holding the refrigerate line in half and expose the line. Do this all the way down to the line. There is a brazed socket located three inches from the beginning of the pipe where the lines are jointed together as one line. Disconnect the lines at the jointed mouth by cutting them. Remove the lines from the pipeline. Dig around the pipeline and remove it from out of the ground, dig a further length to the new location.

Step 4

Thread the refrigerate line through the new length of PVC pipe down to the new location for the heating unit. Expose the end of the refrigerate line from out of the end of the PVC pipe. Lay the pipe into the previously dug hole expanding between the two locations.

Step 5

Braze the new refrigerate lines to the joint line with a blazing torch and make sure you seal the lines to the joint. Gently place the line you have just brazed into end of PVC pipe. Check line for leaks by reversing the air pump and testing the lines. Cover the PVC pipe with soil so as to bury it.

Step 6

Unscrew the four holding screws located around the front of the vacuum. Remove the vacuum from the heating unit and open the valve located just behind it. Refrigerate fluid will begin to drain from the inner condenser. Move the heat pump to the new location and reconnect the electric and refrigerate line. Refrigerate fluid is added to lines and circulated for four hours to readjust the temperature of the cooling system. Wait at least 24 hours before using your air conditioning unit again.