How do I Clean a Paymaster X-550 Check Writer?

Hollan Johnson

The Paymaster check writer X-550 is a vintage check writing machine manufactured by the Paymaster Company in the 1960s and 1970s. It imprints checks with ink instead of using a ribbon like a typewriter. Cleaning the check writer will keep the ink from smudging on the checks.

  1. Lift open the back of the Paymaster check writer X-550. Push down on the lever in the back of the machine and lift the top open to reveal the typeface.

  2. Dab the cloth with 1 teaspoonful of rubbing alcohol.

  3. Wipe each typeface with the cloth to remove any excess ink. Move the typeface levers on the front of the machine to change which typeface gets cleaned.

  4. Close the Paymaster check writer X-550 machine's lid when the cleaning is complete.