How to Apply Anti-Slip Grit in Paint

Slippery floors can be alleviated by adding anti-slip grit into the floor treatment. A wide variety of anti-slip additives can be mixed with paint during the application process. Aluminum oxide is a durable and effective choice for an anti-slip additive. Although there are many methods for using anti-slip grit in paint, one effective way is to paint the floor and broadcast the grit over the paint. The paint dries and a top coat seals the grit into the floor for a long-lasting anti-slip treatment.

Apply anti-slip grit to your floor treatment to avoid slippery floors even when wet.
  1. Roll a coat of paint onto the floor with a paint roller.

  2. Pour aluminum oxide anti-slip grit into the broadcaster and evenly coat the wet paint with a layer of grit. Turn the handle of the broadcaster to spread the grit across the floor evenly. Approximately 3/4 to 1 lb. of aluminum oxide per square foot of floor is often required for an adequate coating. Allow the paint to dry at least 72 hours.

  3. Sweep off the coated floor surface with a shop broom to remove any excess grit.

  4. Paint a light top coat of paint over the layer of grit on the floor with a paint roller. Allow the paint to dry at least 72 hours before use.


  • Wear eye and face protection when broadcasting the grit onto the floor.
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