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How to Sharpen a Molybdenum Steel Knife

Alexander Callos

A molybdenum steel knife is commonly used around the kitchen. They are one of the most popular types of kitchen knives, featuring a double-bevel edge. The blade is made of high carbon 13 chrome stainless molybdenum steel, which offers strong rust protection and sharpness. The wood handles comes with a stainless bolster. There are many different types of Molybdenum knives, and they are all sharpened in the same manner. In just a few minutes, your dull knife can be restored like new.

  1. Hold the sharpening steel in your non-dominant hand and grip it firmly. Pick up the knife in your dominant hand and line it up at a 20-degree angle against the tip of the sharpening steel.

  2. Bring the knife down across the steel in an arching motion, being extremely careful to hold the knife and sharpener out away from your body. Repeat the step five to 10 times until the bottom of the knife has been sharpened.

  3. Line up the knife on the bottom of the steel sharpener so the top of the knife blade can be sharpened. Swoop the knife through the sharpener in the same motion as in Step 3. Repeat the process five to 10 times to get the top of the knife blade completely sharpened.

  4. Inspect the blade to make sure it has been sharpened enough. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to get the blade to the desired sharpness.