How to Sharpen Chicago Cutlery

With a little practice, you can hand-sharpen the kitchen knifes sold by the Chicago Cutlery company, which has been making fine knives for butchers since 1930 and offering their professional cutlery to home chefs since 1969. A sharp knife eliminates the added pressure needed to cut with a dull knife that causes slipping while cutting, say the Chicago Cutlery website. They recommend sharpening your Chicago Cultery kitchen knives with a clean sharpening steel after every three uses as a safety measure.

You can sharpen Chicago Cutlery knives with a sharpening steel.

Step 1

Press the end tip of the sharpening steel on the cutting board.

Step 2

Position the blade of the knife in front of the sharpening steel at a 15-degree angle from the edge of the sharpening steel.

Step 3

Pull the knife edge down the sharpening steel shaft while holding the knife handle firmly, pressing the flat edge of the knife against the steel from the knife edge base to the knife edge tip in a slight arc.

Step 4

Reposition the knife to the back of the sharpening steel at a 15-degree angle and pull the knife edge down the sharpening steel.

Step 5

Alternate pulling the knife edge down the front and back of the sharpening steel five times.

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