How to Rust Proof Steel

Iron is prone to rusting, and steel is produced from iron. Rust occurs when the steel is exposed to moisture; its formation is an electrochemical process between the molecules in the water and the molecules in the metal. Steel is a major building construction material.

It is also used in the manufacturing of automobiles, machines and appliances. To keep steel from rusting, a protective coating is placed on the surface of the metal. This coating wears away in time. If rust forms on the steel, there are ways to rust-proof it again.

  1. Scrub off any rust on the steel with a scrubbing pad or wire brush.

  2. Apply a rust-proof or rust-inhibiting primer to the steel with a paintbrush. Be sure to choose a primer suitable for steel. Brush on a second coat.

  3. Allow the primer to dry completely.

  4. Re-apply the primer periodically to keep rust at bay.