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How to Polish Cold Rolled Steel

Kaye Wagner

Cold rolled steel is formed during a special manufacturing process where the steel ingot-steel that has been cooled to temperature at which it is no longer malleable-is rolled into sheets. This process produces an oxidized and weathered look. Cold rolled steel is most often used in kitchen appliances and is given a protective coating to prevent rusting. It is relatively simple to polish and to keep looking new.


Cold rolled steel is often used to make kitchen sinks.
  1. Soak a clean, soft cloth with clear water.

  2. Rub the entire surface of the steel to remove any dirt or grime.

  3. Rub a clean, dry cloth over the entire surface of the steel until it is completely dry. Watermarks will form if you let the sink air dry.

White Vinegar

  1. Apply white vinegar to a damp cloth and rub it over the entire surface of the sink. Rub in circular motions until the steel appears glossy and shiny.

  2. Rinse the white vinegar out of the cloth, and rub it over the steel to rinse away any vinegar residue on the steel.

  3. Dry the entire surface of the steel with a clean, soft cloth.

Window Cleaner

  1. If your cold rolled steel is covered in fingerprints, spray the surface with a mild window cleaner.

  2. Let the cleaner sit on the steel for one minute.

  3. Wipe away the fingerprints and window cleaner with a dry, soft cloth. Wipe in circular motions to produce a high polish.