How to Install an Owl House

Owls are nocturnal birds that prey on small mammals. Having an owl in your neighborhood can keep the rodent population down. They are not active at all during the day, and they blend into the trees while they rest. Several owls get together to build a roost or they can take up residence in an owl house. Buying an owl house and installing it on your property can ensure that you have one — or several — owls in your neighborhood.


Owls prey on small mammals.

Step 1

Scout out a location towards the back of your property. Make sure there are plenty of nearby trees and the area is quiet.

Step 2

Pick out a sturdy tree to mount the owl house on.

Step 3

Set up the ladder.

Step 4

Measure 12 feet up from the bottom of the tree.

Step 5

Cut down any branches that are in the way so the owl house can be mounted evenly to the tree.

Step 6

Mount the owl house on the tree, securing it in place with screws.

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