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How to Keep Birds Off Mailbox Posts

Jennifer Hudock

Admiring the local birds that are drawn into your yard is a favorite hobby of a number of avid bird lovers. When the birds start taking up residence on your mailbox posts, however, they often leave nasty deposits behind you would rather not get your hands near while retrieving your daily mail.

Fortunately, it's fairly simple to keep birds off your mailbox.

Discouraging birds to keep them from settling on your mailbox posts is relatively easy.

  1. Perch a fake owl or hawk on top or nearby. If birds fly into range and suspect that a predator is on the prowl, they will be less likely to take up residence atop your mailbox.

  2. Mount a flag or pinwheel on your mailbox. The constant movement of a flag or pinwheel in the wind will confuse and deter birds.

  3. Spray the top of your mailbox with non-stick cooking spray. This will make the surface slippery, making it impossible for birds to settle in.

  4. Distract birds from your mailbox by setting up your feeders a good distance away from the mailbox. If you are actively feeding the birds elsewhere, they won't be so drawn to the mailobox.

  5. Provide quality bird perches and housing in your yard. Giving birds other appealing places to gather, display themselves and establish community will discourage them from adopting your mailbox.

  6. Get an outdoor cat. While most bird lovers would rather not harm the birds in their yards, having your very own outdoor predator on the loose will scare off birds.


Avoid poisoning birds, as you may harm or kill other animals in the area. You also risk accidentally poisoning a bird on the endangered species list, which could result in legal action being taken against you.