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How to Get Rid of Birds When a Neighbor Is Feeding Them

Lane Cummings

When most people hear the word "pest," they don't think of birds. Certain birds, however, even the U.S. government considers pests. These are birds such as the pigeon, starling, and sparrow; you can kill them without a hunting permit, according to WildBirds.com. While feeding birds may seem like a generous notion, leaving food around, even birdseed, can attract a host of other critters to all nearby yards. So if you have a neighbor who likes to feed the birds, you need an acceptable method of getting rid of them.

  1. Purchase a model owl or hawk, and put it on display when the neighbor is feeding the birds. You need to purchase a model that suspends, has outspread wings, and, ideally, has a moving head. The hawk should hang from a fixture of your house or from a metal frame and sway naturally in the wind. This will scare off the birds.

  2. Get a cat. Cats naturally prey on birds. The sheer presence of a cat will be enough to scare away most birds.

  3. Install bird spikes along the ridges, posts, roof, and other flat areas of your house. This will discourage birds from landing and congregating around your home, reducing the amount of bird excrement your property receives. Bird spikes don't hurt birds; spikes just make it harder for birds to perch on designated areas.