How to Install a KitchenAid Oven Door

KitchenAid ovens are available as in-wall units and as part of a range, which pairs an oven and stove in one appliance. The oven door on all KitchenAid ovens can be easily removed if the door or oven requires service, or if you would like to clean the door. Once you have finished repairing or cleaning the oven, it is important that the door be reinstalled properly, otherwise, the oven may not maintain a consistent temperature and energy may be wasted, as heat will escape from the oven cavity.

  1. Lift the door straight up, holding it by the sides.

  2. Insert the hangers at the bottom of the door into the hanger slots on the bottom of the door jamb.

  3. Open the oven door as far as it will go. As the door locks into place, you will hear a "click."

  4. Move the clips on the back of the hangers up to lock the door into place.

  5. Close the oven door to complete the installation.