How to Remove Mold From Clothing

Mold grows on surfaces that are damp and warm. Wet clothes piled in a laundry basket and clothes stacked in drawers before they are completely dry are prime candidates for mold. Mold is easily removed from clothing in the washing machine. It is also easily prevented.

Use a washing machine to remove mold from clothes.

Step 1

Load the clothes into the washing machine and fill it with hot water and an ammonia-free detergent.

Step 2

Add a cup of bleach and turn the machine on. Run it through the longest cycle possible.

Step 3

Remove the clothes from the washer and look for any mold or mold stains. If you see mold stains, treat the fabric with a stain remover and put it through a washing cycle again. Alternatively, you can repeat the wash cycle with bleach.

Step 4

Dry the clothes as usual.

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