How to Repair a Home Treadmill

Home treadmills are complex machines made out of computerized and mechanical parts. If your home treadmill has problems, you can repair some of issues at home. A treadmill has many components; keep in mind you might need to use different tools to repair the device. Following some basic guidelines and steps to determine what is wrong with your treadmill will help you repair it at home.

Circuit connections are just one element you may have to check to repair a home treadmill.

Step 1

Turn on your treadmill and investigate where the central problem might be. Any noise or inability for the treadmill mat to move is most likely a motor problem. If the treadmill won't start, it could be centered in the computerized controls.

Step 2

Turn off your treadmill and unplug it from the outlet.

Step 3

Vacuum clean and dust off any external particles on the treadmill mat and the controls. These particles might harm the system if they enter into the treadmill during the repair process.

Step 4

Unscrew and open the engine cover with a screwdriver. The engine cover is located in the front, usually on one of the sides of the treadmill.

Step 5

Investigate the motor. Make sure all the pulleys move smoothly by moving them with your hand. If there are dust particles around the motor, gently clean off the motor with a dry cloth.

Step 6

Look at the belt that is around the motor. The belt is the main part that helps the treadmill mat move properly. Check to see if it is worn out, looking for nicks, cuts or fraying. Replace the belt if it is worn badly.

Step 7

Spray a water-displacing spray lubricant, such as WD-40, over gears and pulleys associated with the motor if you hear a lot of friction noise coming from it.

Step 8

Remove the front part of the treadmill to expose the treadmill mat. With the engine cover open, you are able to remove the front cover to reveal the treadmill mat wrapped around a central pulley.

Step 9

Investigate the mat throughout the machine. Lift the mat to see the underside. You may need to replace the mat if any markings, burns or rips are present.

Step 10

Put front cover back on and then the motor cover.

Step 11

Unscrew the top of the computer panel. Look inside to check that all wiring across the inside of the panel is properly strung and in good condition. If so, replace the panel; if not, consider using a professional repair services.

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