How to Install Culvert Pipe

Water and drainage from a road flows ditches on both sides of the road. When a driveway is being constructed, a culvert is needed to allow this water to adequately move, so it does not back up and flood. The culvert will act as a conduit to allow the water to freely flow along the ditch. However, you will need to determine which size culvert to use for your driveway.

Install Culvert Pipe
  1. Measure the width of the ditch with the tape measure. Determine the width and length of the culvert for your driveway. You may need to verify the width and length with your local building codes.

  2. Begin digging the ditch with the shovel to the length and twice the width of the culvert. Dig at least 3 inches below the level of the ditch.

  3. Place 3 inches of gravel in the bottom of the ditch. The gravel should be at the existing level of the ditch.

  4. Set the culvert on the gravel base. Begin back-filling dirt on both sides of the culvert. Tamp down the dirt while keeping the culvert centered in the ditch.

  5. Cover the culvert with at least 12 inches of dirt. Tamp down the dirt while giving it a gradual slope. This will prevent water from coming into your yard from the road.

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