How to Decorate With Gossamer

The sheer, shimmering texture of gossamer fabric creates a sense of elegance or whimsy in any type of space. Gossamer is a non-woven, gauze-like fabric named after a spider's web and originally made with silk. Decorating with this delicate fabric can add a fairy-tale atmosphere to a birthday party, wedding reception or other special occasion. The fabric is readily available from online retailers or traditional fabric and craft outlets.

A close-up of pink gossamer fabric.

Step 1

Cut pieces of gossamer into thin strips and lightly twist different colors together. Tie the multi-colored fabric strips into a bow around items such as vases, columns or small tables.

Step 2

Hang a set of net Christmas lighting from a wall, using nails or tape to hold it in place. Drape gossamer fabric in front of the lights, leaving at least 2 inches of space between the lights and the fabric to eliminate a fire hazard. Hold the gossamer into place with a curtain rod or piece of sturdy wire. The lights show off the fabric’s shimmering qualities and add atmosphere to a winter wedding or other special occasion.

Step 3

Create gossamer ropes by braiding three pieces of the fabric together. Hold the end of the braid in place with a staple. Drape the gossamer braided ropes over a curtain rod or use them to create a hanging net for items such as stuffed animals or party favors. Strategically hang several of the ropes in a decorative fashion from walls and ceilings.

Step 4

Cover walls with gossamer. String the top of the gossamer along a thin wire. Pleat the fabric by pushing it together. Run the wire along the top of the wall and attach each end to an eye hook.

Step 5

Sew chair covers made of gossamer by measuring the length and width of the chairs and cutting the fabric to the appropriate sizes. Use a needle and thread to sew the cover together.

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