How to Permanently Kill Spider Mites During Flowering

Spider mites reproduce quickly and mutate just as quickly, which prevents any definitive solution to preventing increased reproduction. The use of DDT insecticide many years ago increased the reproductive cycle of mites by multiplying the number of eggs each female mite produced, and spider mites normally lay a significant amount of eggs. Sevin, a salt of carbonate acid, is currently used to fight spider mite infestation. However, Sevin hails from the same chemical group as DDT. The search continues for a proper and effective combination of chemicals to permanently kill spider mites during flowering.

    Use miticide spray to kill adult spider mites on flowering plants.
  1. Apply Avid or Floramite miticide when spider mites are discovered on flowering plants, but note that only adult mites will be killed with these two miticides, says The American Dahlia Society in its website article "Coping With Spider Mites." Eliminate spider mites by adding an ovicide, which kills the eggs. The article recommends spraying affected plants on a schedule that coincides with the mites' life cycle.

    Spray the top of poles and the underside of leaves where spider mites usually reside, and you must rotate the use of chemicals frequently to stop the mites' propensity toward resistance, the website says, and it warns that the same miticide should not be used more than twice per season.

  2. Spray the backs of all leaves thoroughly with spray mixes despite the difficulty of reaching the leaf undersides, the article notes. It emphasizes that the miticide contained in Abamectin, also known by its trade name of Avid, performs only as a partially systemic process. Avid penetrates effectively through the leaves of young foliage, the website stresses, but is unable to penetrate mature foliage or leap from leaf to lea, the article says.

  3. Fight spider mites by thoroughly spraying foliage including leaf undersides.
  4. Use the ovicide Hexygon at the very first sign of mite activity, and remember to vaporize the backs of all the foliage for positive results, the American Dahlia Society urges, and it advocates the use of horticultural oil and Hexygon, which it says are the most effective ovicides, with Hexygon's residual quantity lasting for up to 21 days.

  5. Water your plants one-half hour before applying chemicals to fight pests.
  6. Water your plants one-half hour before spraying Spider mite infestation, as this will minimize the amount of spray solution that your plants will absorb, says Growery's website article "Spider mites - Identify, Control and Eliminate These Deadly Pests." Sequester compromised plants as a precautionary measure, and thereby reduce mite migration to healthy plants, the article warns. It also recommends that you keep humidity levels up and encourages you to be most careful if plants are already in flowering so as to discourage fungal growth in flower buds.

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