How to Clean & Pressure Wash Stucco

Megan Smith

If your home is made of stucco--a porous, textured surface similar to concrete--it may become old and dingy over time. Stucco accumulates dirt, dust and mildew, making it look dark and dirty. Although it is possible to spot clean stucco with a bucket and sponge, it is probably too time-consuming to clean an entire house this way. Instead, use a pressure washer to eliminate stains on your stucco home and make it look like new.

Clean old, dingy stucco with a pressure washer.
  1. Wet the entire stucco surface from bottom to top with a garden hose. Wetting the stucco surface before you use the pressure washer will help remove a layer of dirt from the wall so the stucco does not absorb any dirty water, notes the Portland Cement Association in its article "Cleaning Stucco--Frequently Asked Questions."

  2. Fill an empty spray bottle with a concentrated exterior cleaner, says Jim Clark from the website This Old House in his article "Stained Stucco." Add bleach to the mixture if recommended on the cleaner's label.

  3. Spray the stucco surface with the exterior cleaning solution. Let it sit on the wall for approximately five minutes.

  4. Use a pressure washer on a low setting to rinse away the cleaning solution. Slowly increase the temperature of the water or slightly raise the pressure to remove more dirt from the stucco.

  5. Scrub the stucco with a sponge to remove dirt in stubborn areas, notes the Portland Cement Association. Continue to spray the stucco until the cleanser is completely gone and the wall is clean.