How to Get Paint Off Slabs

Removing paint from concrete or cement slabs can be an exhausting, time-consuming process. There are several ways this removal can be accomplished, from sandblasting to the use of toxic, potentially hazardous chemicals. A safer, natural way to remove paint from slabs is with a soy-based stripper. The stripper can be used on concrete slabs both indoors and outdoors and will effectively remove the paint without any hazardous fumes.

  1. Using a paintbrush, spread the soy-based gel paint remover over the paint you want to remove. Apply a generous layer that is approximately 1/8 inch thick.

  2. Allow the soy-based gel to sit for three to four hours. Check the progress of the paint removal by trying to strip away a small section with a plastic scraper. If the paint can be removed, scrape off all the gel with the scraper. If not, allow the gel to remain until it softens the paint enough to remove it effectively.

  3. Reapply the gel to any difficult paint spots, if necessary. Once again, allow the stripper to remain for three to four hours before attempting to scrape away the unwanted paint.

  4. Wet a plastic scrub brush with water and wash away any residue that remains from the stripper.

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