How to Unclog a Toilet With Liquid

Clogged toilets are no fun to think about, much less trying to correct. One way to unclog a toilet is to use liquid, whether a home mixture or one purchased from a store. A little planning and preparation can help you tackle this unsightly project and rid your toilet of the clog. If you know what has clogged the toilet, this can help you plan your strategy by using an appropriate liquid.

A plunger forces liquid down the toilet to break up clogs.
  1. Lay towels around the toilet in anticipation of splashing water.

  2. Mix a mild detergent that breaks up grease or dirt with some warm water. Use 1 tbsp. of liquid detergent for every quart of water.

  3. Pour the mixture into the toilet slowly. Make sure the water does not begin to spill over the side.

  4. Plunge the toilet with the plunger a few times--pushing up and down in short strokes--to help the solution get down into the pipes. Wait for the water to begin leaving the toilet bowl. Flush the toilet as the water level goes down.

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